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Sasha Alexeev was born in Leningrad (now St.Petersburg), Russia to a musically talented family. Sasha Alexeev At the age of five, he was accepted to the Vermishev School of music where he studied with some of the premiere music maestros in the Soviet Union. By the age of nine, Sasha had created his first compositions and was widely recognized as a prodigy in Leningrad. 
After many years, Sasha was able to come to America and study piano at the prestigious California Institute of the Arts, working with such teachers as Leonid Hambro and Howard Richman. During that time, he created several original compositions that won local and national acclaim. In addition, Sasha became skilled at the drums, viola, and he took extensive voice training. He graduated with distinction. Around that time he also won the Seraton International Piano Competition as well as the American Music Festival competition.
Shortly after graduation, Sasha signed with an independent record label- Giana Records and released a very successful New Age solo piano album “Velvet Rain”. During the next several years, Sasha had record deals with Dyan Productions and Lan Music releasing two more successful solo piano albums- “Silhouettes” and “Midnight Serenade”. Although engaged with many concerts in support of these albums, Sasha still managed to complete his “Symphony no.1 in A minor”, “Symphony no.2 in D minor” a Piano Concerto, over 50 solo piano compositions, dance and rock tunes, songs, as well as many other works. 
In 1996, Sasha signed a recording contract with a large independent label- Rock Records. Also at that time he signed with BMG Music publishing to administer his catalog of more than seven dozen compositions. Sasha’s first album with Rock Records entitled “Winter Tales” was released in May 1997 and features solo piano with symphony orchestra. A year later a compilation album entitled “Bridge To The Heart” was released where Sasha is among artists such as Yanni, Marc Hirte, etc. 

Since 1999 Sasha has gone independent and released several innovative and diverse albums available on his website –

As of 2010 Sasha has been signed with Maco N'Major records.

In addition he has focused on performing his music in live concerts with orchestras and large bands domestically and internationally. In recent times Sasha has created a live stage show featuring his music which he performs live with dancers, acrobats, aerialists, choreographed Kung-Fu team, fire breathers, mini Cyr wheel, Jugglers, Swiss ball acrobatics, etc. The show entitled "Sasha Alexeev - visual dreams" has debuted at Pala Indian casino in August of 2011. There are plans to continue with these types of shows as they expand and evolve.

Sasha Alexeev likes travelling and living in many parts of the world, where in his free time he enjoys painting and studying Oriental languages. In the future, Sasha wants to record his symphonies /concertos and write music for feature films.

Sasha Alexeev

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