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Eslite Champing Performance Hall

June 28, 2014 - Taipei, Taiwan

"Full Tilt" 


Music Hall of Kaohsiung Culture

Affairs Bureau

June 18, 2014 - Kaohsiung, Taiwan



Tainan Wansha Arts

June 18, 2014, Tainan, Taiwan

"Moments Passed"


Auditorium of Hsinchu Culture

Affairs Bereau,

May 25, 2014 - Hsinchu, Taiwan

"Of Love and Tears" 


Luchou KHS Theater

May 5th, 2014 - Taipei, Taiwan

"By Candle Light" 


Luchou KHS Theater

May 5, 2014 - Taipei, Taiwan


Sasha's first concert in the recent Asian tour. .


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